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Good Fit - Impression Trays for Digital Dentures


Good Fit® Denture Trays are custom impression trays, base plates, and occlusal rims – all in one. They let you get all the data required for complete denture fabrication in one, short clinical visit.

Original Tray

Original Upper Medium Tray

Upper Final Impression

Upper Final Impression with PVS - Aquasil Monophase


Open Bite after both Upper and Lower impressions

Open Bite After Upper and Lower Final Impression 

Trays Trimmed to Correct Vertical Dimension of Occlusion

Trays Trimmed to Achieve Optimum Vertical Dimension of Occlusion 

At Right VDO


Final Bite

Recorded Final Centric With PVS

Printed Denture

Designed on Exocad and Printed on Ackuretta SOL


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