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Straight Multi Unit Abutment (MUA) and Angled Multi Unit Abutment (MUA)

Anodised Pink Abutment for better Esthetics. 
The Multi Unit Abutment for Get Implant FIX- System come in 3 Standard Angulations
1. Straight MUA  (2mm/3mm/4mm Collar Height) 
2. 17 Degree Angulated MUA (2mm/3mm/4mm Collar Height)
3. 30 Degree Angulated MUA (3mm/4mm/5mm Collar Heights)
Advantages of using MUA Described.
  • Angle Correction
  • Reduced Soft Tissue Disturbance
  • Ease of Prosthetic Steps
  • Retrievability -
  •     A. Of Prosthesis
  •     B. Of the Abutment Itself
  • Convenient Long Term Maintenance
Clinical Picture of  Angled Multi Unit Abutment (MUA)
Clinical Picture of  Straight Multi Unit Abutment (MUA)

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